Friday, June 5, 2015

21 Day Fix Review

Oh my goodness I am such a slacker!! What happened to my daily posts?? I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. I also think I ran out of things to write about, which is unusual for me because I always have something to say, just ask my family! LOL 

Okay y'all, well just like Brittany Spears we all get to make a comeback so this is mine! Hopefully. 

Sam started doing Insanity almost 6 weeks ago and I knew that I really needed to get my ass in shape and I really wanted to lose the weight before I turned 32 in July. I tried to do Insanity with Sam but holy crap I was so flippin out of shape that I was lying on the floor praying I wouldn't have a heart attack...that's no lie! 

I kept seeing the Infomercials for the 21 Day Fix and finally one day after work I was sitting in the chair and I got my phone and ordered it. I didn't even think twice, I just did it. Well, of course the next day I came down with a terrible case of laryngitis and a ridiculous sore throat so that delayed my start date by about a week. My 21DF arrived in the mail and I was so excited, I decided to make my official start date May 11th - the day after Mother's Day. I joined a Facebook Challenge Group and was ready to go! 

I absolutely LOVE the 21 Day Fix! Everything about it is amazing! I love it so much that I joined Beachbody as a Coach. I feel better, have more energy, i'm losing weight, my clothes fit better. I love everything about it, even the Shakeology - which took me a few days to love it but now it is an everyday staple! 

Even Sadie does her "Exercises" with us! Too cute...and then there is G, resting on the couch! LOL 

I have a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group starting on June 15th! I'd love to have you join me!!