Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Paddy's Day Everyone!! 

So I have a good bit of Irish in me but some how I don't own any Green. Not sure how that happened! So i'm just wearing a really pretty pink dress shirt today. My bad! 

My plan was to do a blog post on the new beauty routine about women shaving their faces. I know it sounds totally crazy but I've heard some really great things about what it can do for your skin. I'm saving that post for later in the week. 

I had the pleasure of experiencing a pimpinjoy train at Starbucks this morning. You know, when the person in front of you pays for your order and then you pay the person's behind you, etc, etc.Most of y'all probably have no idea what in the world pimpinjoy is and neither did I until 8 months or so ago. I have a super long commute to work and I love a good morning radio show and that's when I stumbled across the Bobby Bones Show. It's a syndicated country music morning show based out of Nashville and it is fabulous! These folks keep me entertained and laughing all morning and I seriously miss them when I don't get to listen. Because of Bobby, Amy and Lunchbox I learned about pimpinjoy .Basically it means do nice things for others just because. Amy's mom, Judy, was diagnosed with cancer and instead of letting it get to her and becoming depressed Judy chose to pimp joy. It's become a "movement, a celebration dedicated to the people that are fighting Cancer or other difficulties in life but choosing to find & spread joy in their daily lives". If you want to ready more about it check out the website HERE. It's just something that really touched me and hearing listeners of the show call in and share their stories is really amazing and just goes to show that there is good in this world even though we don't always see it. Judy lost her battle with cancer several months ago but this movement she, her family and the Bobby Bones Show created will live on forever. 

So today, while you're at work or running errands or doing whatever, find it in your heart to do a random act of kindness for someone and let everyone know that you're #pimpinjoy!! 

This really cool picture above is actually a car decal - if you love it you can find it on Esty HERE!

Disclaimer - I am not being paid in anyway to endorse the Bobby Bones Show or Pimpinjoy. I really just felt compelled to share it with everyone! It's about time we all start doing nice things for other people! 

Now, go celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! 

XO, Nikki 

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