Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stitch Fix Review

Hey Everyone!! How is Daylight Savings Time treating you? Honestly, I am struggling, a lot! I've never really been bothered by it before but this time it is tough. Maybe it's because I have a baby and I really value every minute of sleep I can get. 

It has been a crazy busy week and I have seriously slacked on my Blog posts. Sadie has been totally out of wack and has wanted to stay up super late when all I want to do is close my eyes. Obviously she doesn't understand how important sleep is! LOL

We had a great weekend! I got to enjoy Saturday morning cuddles with this cute girl! 

Then we met my Mom (Grandma) and sister, Megan (Aunt Meg) for lunch at my all time favorite Greek restaurant!

Next we went shopping! I fell in love with these Sperry's! They were a little pricey but maybe next payday I'll go back to get them! 
Then when I got home this was waiting for me.....
Stitch Fix and Rodan and Fields in the same day!!! It was like Christmas morning!!

Of course I opened my RF box first. I knew what I was going to see when I opened it. I got my Unblemish regime and my Micro-derm Paste. If you're unsure about buying anything from this company please trust me and buy the paste. It will leave your skin feeling like baby skin. It's ahhhhhhh-maz-zinnnnnng!! 

Okay, I was excited to open my Stitch Fix box and I wanted to savor the moment but then of course we had to rush out the door to meet our friends for a surprise Birthday dinner so I only had time to look. Well, when I opened it I was so disappointed. :( Nothing really looked like my style. There was one shirt that was cute but it was an oatmeal color that totally washed me out. Y'all, I didn't even take pictures. I am so sorry but I honestly didn't like anything. But, I said i'll give it another shot. I rescheduled my next Fix to arrive on March 26th and gave very honest feedback to my stylist. Hopefully she will "get" me a little more this go round. I recommend giving it a try. It's like you have to date awhile before you get married. That's how I feel about Stitch Fix. My stylist has to get to know me first! 

For those of you who have tried Stitch Fix i'd love to get your feedback. 

On a side note, it's almost Friday!!! 


  1. I just ordered from Stitch Fix. I sure hope they understand my style, did you share a pinterest board with them?!


    1. Hey Alex! I did share it with them and that's why I didn't understand why I didn't love everything! Hopefully the next box will be amazing! :) Thanks for stopping!