Friday, February 20, 2015

National Love Your Pet Day

I had no idea it was National Love Your Pet Day until The Limited mentioned it in a post on Twitter this morning. Speaking of The Limited, did anyone watch Scandal last night? OMG SO GOOD!!! I cannot wait until next week. I recently bought a couple pieces from The Limited's Scandal collection and I absolutely love it! It's a little expensive so I can't buy too many pieces. 

Okay, so in honor of National Love Your Pet Day this post is dedicated to my sweet, wild 2 year old pup, RG. 
Seriously, how could you not love this face?!

So RG was a Christmas gift from my husband two years ago and ever since he's been my fur baby. Sam and I have been through a lot with this little guy in the past two years. There have been days when RG really saved us. Part of the reason Sam gave me RG was because we were really struggling to have a baby and I think he thought that having this cute face around would help soften the struggle. Sam was right, RG did help a lot. I ended up getting pregnant in April and unfortunately having a miscarriage in June. RG knew something wasn't right that awful day when I came home from the doctor's office crying uncontrollable. He stayed by our side the whole week, just cuddling and giving puppy kisses. He got me through what was probably the worst day of my life. When I got pregnant with Sadie he slept by my belly every night. It was the sweetest thing! 
About two weeks later, we noticed that RG wasn't acting himself, not eating and not wanting to play. Sam had taken him to potty and had to carry him down the stairs because he wouldn't walk. Sam immediately rushed him to the after hours vet where they did several xrays to see what was going on. Unbeknownst to us our little guy had eaten the iPhone charge and it was just hanging out in his little belly! Of course he had to go in for emergency surgery. I'll never forget Sam and I lying in bed that night crying and praying for our guy to be okay. We were both so nervous when the Vet called but after many tears and many tears we got word he was going to be okay!
He has brought so much joy to our lives and I love knowing that he and Sadie will get to grow up together. He is a handful and still likes to eat everything! You would think he would have learned his lesson after the iPhone charge incident but oh no!!

So for those of you who have pets give them a little extra love today and maybe an extra treat! :)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone, and try to stay warm!

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