Sunday, February 8, 2015

Red wine, sleeping baby and the Grammy's

Happy Sunday Y'all! I'm not sure about everyone else but I am kinda ready to get back to work tomorrow. I usually don't feel this way on Sunday evenings but man it's been a looooooong weekend!
Hubby went out of town to visit his buddies this weekend, my 10 month old little girl is teething something fierce and my dogs have been out of control! I am pretty sure my husband should be walking in the door in about 2 minutes. Can you tell I've been counting down the minutes until his arrival?! Sadie is finally asleep and I'm enjoying a glass of wine and watching the Grammy's. I'm not totally impressed. I have so much respect for single parents. Y'all, I didn't even shower today! Gross!! I was thinking while I was brushing my teeth how do single parents get to care for themselves or accomplish daily tasks? It makes me feel so incredibly lucky to have all the help that we do. We are so blessed to have both of our families live in the same town. Actually, we are currently living with my in-laws. That's another post, definitely not one for a Sunday night. I'll need a couple of glasses of wine to write that one!

So far, I am really enjoying using Blogger. I started using Wordpress awhile ago and it just wasn't very user friendly for me. I use Google for everything else so why not give this a try. I am super excited to purchase my domain next this week. I started doing it tonight but a certain little girl was a little fussy! I've only given her Tylenol for her teeth has anyone had any experience with other teething remedies? I'm always so nervous giving her anything.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and if you're in the South, enjoyed this beautiful weather we were so fortunate to have today. Many of my Tar Heels credit the late and great Dean Smith for the Carolina blue sky we had today. May he Rest in Peace.

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