Monday, February 16, 2015

Who's Who

Happy Monday ya'll!! We are actually expecting snow today! Living in the South we don't really get to see a lot of snow so when a "Winter Storm" is going to hit I get really excited and yes I am now that girl who needs to rush to the store to buy milk, eggs and bread! Ya'll would never know I was originally from Maryland, would ya?!

Okay I feel like I need to give you a who's who in my family.

This super cute little girl is Sadie! Also know as Sadie Bug or Buggy. This picture was when she was about 4 days old.  We had to spend almost a week in the hospital due her dramatic entrance. I may be biased but I think she is the cutest, sweetest, funniest little girl in the world! I can't believe my baby will be a year old next month. I wish I could keep her small for awhile longer.

This is me with my favorite little girl!
And this handsome man is Sam, my hubby of 5 years! This was actually take from our wedding.What a wonderful day! 

Last but not least is our 4 legged little guy. His name is RG, Also known as G. G was named after RG3 of the Washington Redskins. Sam and I are huge Skins fans and RG3 was a badass QB the year Sam surprised me with RG. This little guy was a wonderful Christmas present and he will always be my fur baby. Note to self...never ever name a pet or a kid after an athlete whose only in their rookie season!

There you have it everyone! I am looking forward to sharing more about me and my family on this blog! I'm also really excited to hopefully connect with other working mamas! 

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